Newest Knox/Henderson Late Night Spot

Just in case you missed it – we’ve got a wrap up of not one but TWO amazing events at Mellow Mushroom Henderson headed your way.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of picking what your next date night, girls night / any night will look like. Here at CSF we say Y-E-S, to the yummy-ness of all things Mellow Mushroom.

If you were one of the 40+ members that joined us for our pizza making workshops you already know what we’re talking about. #SOgood. We tossed the dough, added the topping’s, grabbed a drink, tasted our creations, and it’s official we’re hooked. Our members made the creation of their personalized pizzas look so simple after IRL instructions from Mellow’s pizza artists. Confession: we did it for the gram. 😉

With gluten free and vegan options Mellow Mushroom Henderson sets itself a cut or (slice) above the rest of Henderson Avenue’s other food joints (and is even open until 2am on the weekends making it the PERFECT late night stop!). Boasting a menu with an array of options and totally shareable pie’s for your whole girl gang.

City Alert: Once a week CSF members can enjoy 1 complimentary appetizer OR 1 complimentary specialty cocktail, house wine, or draft beer. #YesPlease

If you or a member of your tribe feels like she is left out when it comes to having vegan/ gluten free options hold the phone. Stop scrolling through this article on your lunch break at work and get yourself some good ‘zzzza.

“Gluten Free, you’re no longer a second class citizen”- Mellow Mushroom.

We’ll cheers to that!

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