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Welcome to CityGuide mag! CityGuide is an extension of Circle Seven Five, a company located in Dallas, Texas. We want share more of what we do and more of who we are. And we want to get to know YOU better, too. You can learn more about CSF here.

Here at CityGuide you can expect creative content revolving around inspiring people, places, and lots and lots of DIY moments of joy, peace, and rest. Of course we’ll be posting about all the usual suspects (a little fashion, a little lifestyle – you know – this and that).

The CityGuide is a collection of stories about little moments that you can take to refuel and nourish yourself and others, and we hope that when you visit our little slice of the internet that you feel instantly at home, warm and fuzzy, and encouraged to go out in the city to live your best life and do your best work.

Our featured stories will make their grand entrance on the 1st of each month, and when we feel inspired to share more (some of the aforementioned ‘this,’ and some of the ‘that’) we’ll share those posts throughout the month.

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P.S. we would love to see amazing women doing guests post on the CityGuide – if you would like to be a contributor to the Mag, shoot Cassidy an email: cassidy[at]circlesevenfive[dot]com.

We invite you to join our movement: fighting back against lives that are consumed by ‘busy’ and seeking more experiences to nourish + less overwhelm.

A note from our Editor in Chief:

Someone once told me that when she first went to Circle Seven Five’s website that she “just couldn’t stop reading. I just wanted to go to coffee with your website… if that makes sense?!” I laughed at the time thinking how cute and sweet that was – and I sincerely hope that you want to “go to coffee” with this magazine, too. So grab your mug, and start enjoying these moments of joy, peace, and rest. 🙂

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